John Albino

John Albino has a strong belief in god and has been doing worship and ministry work in his community for long over a decade.  Growing up Catholic and now a Christian John says “Every aspect of my life revolves around god.”

John has worked with musicians from many of the biggest names in the music business over the years, including KISS, The Pretenders, Wings, Billy Joel, Foreigner, Pat Travers and Quiet Riot, to name a few.

He has also worked as a studio musician, playing on sessions with many top producers including Stephen Gelfas and Charlie Midnight.

John brings decades of musical expertise and the benefit of years of front-line professional experience to Absolute Music, his own unique creation.

Using his experience as a musician and a vision to guide him, John set out to build a studio where many could come and pursue their passion for music in a family-oriented atmosphere, while being taught by the finest teachers available.

Absolute Music is now firmly established as one of the best and busiest music lesson studios in the area. John’s continual dedication to and involvement with the surrounding communities plays a crucial role in his success, while also providing community enrichment through music.